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Welcome to the Minnesota    

Chapter of the ASFMRA!    

The American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA) is recognized as the premier organization for rural     
property professionals, providing excellent education, networking opportunities and legislative representation for its members    
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Chapter leadership

Board of Directors / Officers for MN Chapter ASFMRA:
President: Sharon Jacobson Appraisal Ed Committee: Adam Schmidt, ARA, Chair
First Vice President: Rachel Daberkow Richard Johnson, ARA
Second Vice President: Tyler Erickson, AFM Mark Grant, ARA
Secretary/Chapter Admin: Jeremy Bengtson
Treasurer: Tyler Walsh,, ARA, CPA Government Affairs Committee: Terri Jensen, ALC, Chair
Past President: Brian Field, ARA, MAI Tyler Erickson, AFM
Rachel Daberkow
Nominating Committee: Brian Field, ARA, MAI Prof. Advancement Committee: Megan Sheeley, ARA, Chair
Lee Williams, AFM Tyler Walsh, CPA, ARA
Eric Skolness, AFM Tyler Erickson, AFM
Membership Committee: Tyler Walsh, ARA, CPA, Chair Scholarship Committee: Rachel Daberkow
Rick Hauge, ARA Adam Schmidt, ARA
Megan Sheeley, ARA
Management Ed Committee: Doug Bergemann, AFM, Chair Land Rent Survey Committee: Brandon Kirk
Steve Hiniker
Michael Norgaard, AFM
YPN: Tyler Erickson, AFM Friends of Chapter: TBD
MN Advisory Group Rep (Annual Conf) Sharon Jacobson

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